Modern machinery is becoming increasingly complex, requiring sensors that ensure healthy and safe operation while maximising efficiency. Flintec addresses these needs with a range of solutions for manufacturers of trucks, construction machinery, material handling/lifting equipment and agricultural machines.

Targeted Solutions


Manufacturers of construction machinery use Flintec measuring systems for determining the stability of aerial work platforms, the condition monitoring of cranes and the weighing of shipping containers in reach stacker operations.

The need for precision farming is increasing the level of force sensor integration in agricultural machinery. Flintec has a range of solutions for controlling the operation of baling machinery, agricultural trailers and combine harvesters.

Our solutions deliver consistent accuracy in challenging operating environments thanks to reliable strain gauge technology, durable electronics and advanced environmental sealing technology.

  • 航空工作平台


  • 结合收割机

    Flintec has developed a high accuracy strain gauge based Grain Flow Sensor. This unique solution has been specifically designed to have the minimum of complexity which leads to a robust and extremely compact device. Can be supplied either as an analogue or amplified sensor.

  • 进料搅拌机旅行车

    Flintec supplies a range of high accuracy bending beam weighing bars for agricultural machines. Built to withstand the extremes of overload, vibration and climate, the Flintec range can be supplied with or without rugged mounting hardware. Flintec will also develop customized solutions upon request.

  • 废物收集车辆

    垃圾收集车可以提供广泛的解决方案。例如,Flintec不锈钢,密封的载荷电池模型PC2H用于前端抬起叉或侧/后/后安装的垃圾箱提升系统。3000D OIML的认证允许批准的精度降低到非常低的容器重量。

  • Tipper Trucks

    Vehicle payload measurement is required to ensure compliance with road vehicle weight legislation and to ensure the maximum efficient operation of the truck. The Flintec load cell Model SBT has been designed to offer an economic and yet robust solution for on-board vehicle weighing.

  • Overhead Cranes

    Our bespoke load pin solutions are used by manufacturers of gantry cranes to ensure the operation of the device stays within the Safe Working Load (SWL) during operation. The highly accurate and yet compact Flintec strain gauge pins offer a superior solution to conventional limit switches.