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In the field of agriculture, grain moisture analyzers utilize Flintec planar beam load cells that combine compact dimensions and the capability of resolving to very precise sub-gram levels of measurement.

Hand tools used in production assembly operations are becoming increasingly complex. Flintec provides strain gauged torque sensors that are embedded within nut runners for quality critical applications in the automotive sector.

我们设计几乎任何尺寸和形状的力传感器的能力意味着我们越来越多地通过测试和测量公司来调用我们的苛刻应用解决方案。vwin德赢ioswww.vwin.china一个这样的例子是将组装成织物手套的Flintec多重应变量表阵列 - 此触觉技术设备在计算机仿真字段中提供触觉反馈,并用于机器和机器人的遥控器。

We offer test and measurement OEMs including a comprehensive range of load cells and force sensors as well as extremely accurate electronic sub-assemblies and instrumentation to complete the measurement chain.

  • Dynamometers

    The Flintec bending beam Model SLB offers a compact and yet extremely accurate solution for manufacturers of rolling roads and dynamometers. Available in a range of standard mounting hole configurations the Model SLB can also be supplied with a variety of bespoke cables, connectors and capacity ranges.

  • 触觉技术


  • 按控件

    Used to monitor the forces applied in industrial presses, the Flintec extensometer Model XT50 is a very simple and yet robust sensing solution. Constructed from stainless steel and hermetically sealed, the XT50 can be installed using no specialized equipment. The XT50 is chosen for its compact size and repeatability of measurement.

  • 材料测试机

    Tension/compression load cells such as the stainless steel, hermetically sealed Model UB6 are specified by manufacturers of universal material testing machines. Compact in size, the UB6 deliveries OIML and NTEP certified performance consistently. Available in a range of capacities from 100kg to 500kg.

  • Hand Tools


  • General Testing Applications