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Key features

  • High accuracy
  • DC模型每秒最多1200个样品。(AC 80)
  • Extensive command set
  • 高达6个负载电池的激发
  • 可以与Canopen协议接口。
  • 直接连接到PC或PLC的串行接口
  • GPIO(2x逻辑输入和2x逻辑输出)
  • 6-wire technology
  • OIML“合法贸易”认证
  • 使用Flintec FDC软件(用于分析和配置)
  • 可选的适配器板


EM100 is designed for a range of universal weighing applications where high speed, accurate weighing is required. General applications include process weighing as well as process automation and control. Configurations include AWI & NAWI weighing, check weighing and gravimetric filling.